Cepilla Tus Perlitas Blancas.pdf

Cepilla Tus Perlitas Blancas

A little boy asks his dad to play the tooth brushing game at bedtime. As the dad brushes, he is shocked to find various colors on the boys teeth. When asked what he ate to color his teeth, the boy imagines various items he played with throughout the day. Finally, the boys teeth are white and the father tells the boy to be careful what he eats tomorrow. The boy imagines various rainbow colored items with gleeful anticipation.Young readers will delight to see Christina Dartys lively illustrations. They will love to predict which item the son will say he ate, and then will take ownership of the text when they read it again and know which item he will select. Parents and kids will love to sing the song and play the tooth brush game each night at bedtime. Kids will brush their teeth as long as parents will play the game with them. But be forewarned - you may grow tired of brushing! But what a great problem to have!Teachers will enjoy teaching prediction, colors, and singing the song. This is the perfect book for Dental Awareness Month in February.40 pages. Full color illustrations. Spanish.



ISBN 9781732041448
AUTOR David Arden Canzoneri, Darty Ann Christina
DATEINAME Cepilla Tus Perlitas Blancas.pdf

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