Tickletoe Tree Poetry.pdf

Tickletoe Tree Poetry

This selection of humorous story poems will help introduce to youngsters how fun poetry can be. Youll meet hilarious and heart-warming characters such as Clyde the Green Giraffe (who tried to untie a knot in a Tickletoe Tree and now has a terrible neck ache), Hippita Hippo (who dreams of flying), and Hoozy Whatzadingle (who ignores his tall friend and builds his house out of cardboard just before a huge rainstorm, and tries to use fireflies so he can see inside a house without windows). Children will also meet V. G. and Dexter Dufflebee. V. G. is tiny but has big ideas for a little guy. Hell need them and more as he tries to rescue Dexter from a huge thorn bush. And a grumpy old couple name Grumbly and Gruffina Grumpadinkle have their house and frowns turned upside down when they reluctantly agree to watch a lovable and energetic little puppy.



ISBN 9780692704608
AUTOR Russ Towne
DATEINAME Tickletoe Tree Poetry.pdf

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