Weathering with You, Volume 2.pdf

Weathering with You, Volume 2

Your Name Director Makoto Shinkais latest movie WEATHERING WITH YOU will get a complete manga version with beautiful art and delicate depictions by the up-and-coming artist Wataru Kubota!!The summer of freshman year of high school. A boy named Hodaka runs away from his island home and goes to Tokyo, where he spends every day in loneness. Then, in a corner of the bustling city he meets a girl named Hina. But he soon finds out that she possesses a mysterious power.Up-and-coming artist and Afternoon Four Seasons Award winner Wataru Kubota is set to illustrate the complete manga version of the latest film by Director Makoto Shinkai, who received international acclaim for Your Name!!



ISBN 9781949980844
AUTOR Makoto Shinkai
DATEINAME Weathering with You, Volume 2.pdf

Animated ‘Weathering With You’ Scores at Box Office — Without an Oscar Boost You don't need Oscar attention to score at the box office, although it helps. Tom Brueggemann Weathering with You (2019) - Movie Review : … Weathering with You absolutely does right by water. The sheer multiplicity of shots involving water, either falling from the sky or gathered in puddles, makes this one of the most impressive feats of water animation that I think I can name, purely in terms of volume. The film is practically a compendium of different ways one can do water effects in animation, and it embraces this fact. lt