Little Bite Vampire Detective, (Comic Book) Graphic Novel.pdf

Little Bite Vampire Detective, (Comic Book) Graphic Novel

Novi may be the most beautiful kid vampire in the Vampire Kingdom but she is also the most brash and boastful. So when her spirited nature gets her into trouble with the King and Queen, she is punished by having her powerful magical bat wings taken away. In order to get them back and be restored to her full power, Novi must solve a series of mysteries for the Vampire Kingdom, each one more dire than the next. But Novi is not about to be bullied by anyone and with more than one trick up her sleeve, she sets out to beat the Vampire Kingdom at her their own game.Little Bite has been beautifully drawn and written by Bryan Golden, who has found the perfect marriage of outrageous comic book fun for adults and smirking, wide-eyed adventure for young readers new to manga graphic novels.



ISBN 9780986842894
AUTOR Bryan Golden
DATEINAME Little Bite Vampire Detective, (Comic Book) Graphic Novel.pdf

I absolutely love this style, which makes a sterile room in a police department as foreboding as a vampire’s den. Alexander’s paneling contributes to this as well, each page progressing with beautifully serpentine momentum. Barnes matches Alexander’s horror noir energy with a supernatural story that reads more like a dark detective novel The Rise of the Fragmented Novel - Fractious … The modern novel is falling to pieces! Ted Gioia looks at the rise of the fragmented novel in modern mainstream literary fiction. He includes a reading list of 57 'fragmented' novels, with essays on …