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Im Not with the Band

SHORTLISTED FOR THE COSTA BIOGRAPHY AWARD 2016 Celebratory and elegiac Guardian A roller-coaster memoir Sunday Times Funny, anecdote-packed, nostalgic but also very touching The PoolPatterson fillets out the pretentious bones of pop, leaving its glistening meat Observer This is a three-decade survivors tale . . . a scenic search for elusive human happiness through music, magazines, silly jokes, stupid shoes, useless blokes, hopeless homes, booze, drugs, love, loss, A&E, death, disillusion and hope. In 1986, Sylvia Patterson boarded a train to London armed with a tea-chest full of vinyl records, a peroxide quiff and a dream: to write about music, for ever. She got her wish. Escaping a troubled home, Sylvia embarks on a lifelong quest to discover The Meaning of It All. The problem is shes mostly hanging out with flaky pop stars, rock n roll heroes and unreliable hip-hop legends. As she encounters musics biggest names, she is confronted by glamour and tragedy



ISBN 9780751558708
AUTOR Sylvia Patterson
DATEINAME Im Not with the Band.pdf

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