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High-Power Diode Lasers

Methods of design and fabrication of high-power diode lasers using proven semiconductor technologies are described in this book. The latter include epitaxy and optical lithography, mounting on heat sinks, beam forming with micro-optics and coupling to optical fibers, and reliability testing. Direct applications of high-power diode lasers in materials processing and for pumping hitherto unknown solid-state laser systems are presented in a comprehensive fashion. Thus, this book is an invaluable source of information for all scientists and engineers designing laser systems and applying the laser as a reliable and economic tool in a multitude of environments.



ISBN 9783540666936
AUTOR Roland Diehl
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High Power Diode Lasers - Technology and … In a very comprehensive way this book covers all aspects of high power diode laser technology for materials processing. Basics as well as new application oriented results obtained in a government funded national German research project are described in detail. Along the technological chain after a