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Yuzu the Pet Vet 2

Join 11-year-old Yuzu at her animal hospital and meet her new fluffy friends! In an engaging and cutely-drawn comic, watch Yuzu navigate issues like bullying, animal care, and understanding illness and deaths of pets and family.For an 11-year-old, Yuzu has a lot on her plate. When her mom gets sick and has to be hospitalized, Yuzu goes to live with her uncle who runs the local animal hospital. Yuzus always been scared of animals, but she tries to help out. The resident Chihuahua is tiny and adorable, but acts up whenever Yuzu comes near. The fluffy cats that see her a hiss. Yuzu just wants some peace and quiet, but what can she do?!Then an encounter with a boy and his dog turns fear into a desire to learn... And as Yuzu works hard to understand her fuzzy friends, they begin to feel comfortable around each other. Through all the tough moments in her life, from her mothers illness to bullying at school, Yuzu realizes that she can help make things all right with a little help from her animal pals, peers, and kind grown-ups. Every new patient is a furry friend in the making!Perfect for aspiring pet vets of all ages!



ISBN 9781632369741
AUTOR Mingo Ito
DATEINAME Yuzu the Pet Vet 2.pdf

Yuzu made sure to take some of the antihistamine her mom bought for her and then she spent the rest of the evening discussing what they needed to buy to take care of the kitten. For now, they put a hot water bottle wrapped in a blanket into a shoebox to ensure the kitten would get warmed up while he was sleeping. "I think he's about 2 weeks old