For many years, astrophysicists, astronomers, archaeologists, and other scientists all around the world have been discovering new amazing things but, have not been able to put all the puzzle pieces together that would reveal the impending cosmic catastrophe. Earth only had a few months before the biggest, life-ending event coming from light-years away would wipe the Earth clean of life. Only until visitors, not from Earth, divulge to a select group of people what was going to happen. And how they were here to rescue all of mankind that wanted to be rescued.Einsteins theory of time and space-travel becomes a reality when one of the visitors reveals that they had been on Earth over 2000 years ago. And asks the select group of people to be his messengers to the rest of mankind, in order to peacefully evacuate all that want to leave for a new Earth. But these chosen run into a demonic opposition to letting anyone leave. So the good have to battle the bad in order to survive.



ISBN 9781641145862
AUTOR J. R. Phillips
DATEINAME Rashure.pdf

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